Thicc 2 - 26" 67mm wide 14G 48h Rim

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26 inch 

48 hole 

Our custom made rim is approximately 64mm wide and 20mm tall, 48 hole, eyeletted, with a schrader valve opening.  It weighs in at approximately 1200 grams making it significantly heavier, stiffer, and stronger than standard bicycle rims used on pedicabs.  The extra width and minimal height gives the rim strength it needs to handle the most abusive situations pedicabs face , such as side-loading, going around fast turns with a heavily loaded vehicle.

While no rim is magical, we believe that this is the best pedicab wheel available. All wheels, including these requires regular maintenance to keep the spokes very tight to the point of elongation, the rim true and round. Regular maintenance of the spokes will keep you and your wheels running strong for years to come.

For greatest long term durability and reliability we recommend the wheels be built with stainless 14/15 gauge butted spokes and brass nipples. While to some it may seem counter-intuitive to use slightly thinner rather than thicker spokes found in other pedicab wheels that claim to be heavy duty. We have found through extensive testing that thinner butted spokes work better that 12 or 10 gauge spokes.