Supercell 26" x 4" tire

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Supercell 26" x 4.0" nominal size.  When mounted on our 26" superduty rims the actual width is 3.8" wide and 28.5" tall.

To determine if this tire and rim combo will fit your bike measure the current width and diameter with a tape measure and compare with the dimensions above.  If your current tire width is 2.5" wide by 26.5" tall  then you will need an additional .650 of an inch (between 5/8" and 3/4") on the sides and 1" above the tire to clear the bigger tire and rim combo.

For easiest tire installation on a wide rim, fit the first bead and press the tire bead into its position on the rim.  Slip the slightly inflated tube in to valve hole and then fit around in to the tire and rim. Starting at the valve hole fit the second tire bead.  If you have having difficulty fitting the last part of the second bead, deflate the tube all the way, and work your way around the wheel squeezing the tire into the middle of the rim where the rim diameter is the smallest.  Then use the heel of you hands to work the remaining part of the tire bead on to the rim.  Inflate to no more that the tire’s maximum pressure rating.  Fitting the tire bead in to the middle of the rim where the rim diameter is slightly smaller is critical to making tire fitment with out tools relatively easy.

Works best at 30 to 35 psi with heavy 5-6 passenger pedicabs.  Using pressures greater than 35 psi risk damage to rim sidewalls.