Six Passenger Pedicab with Cyclone motor

  • $18,000.00
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This option includes a complete motor setup.

Precision Pedicab's six passenger pedicab is designed to make money.  Take more passengers in a shorter period of time.  Ideal for music festivals or major events around the country.  Features found only on this bike make it ideally suitable for rough terrain, bumpy streets and restricted markets.  No other pedicab has such versatility, allowing the owner to make a living in almost any conditions and regulatory environment.

Features include but are not limited to:

    • Removable front bench, converting the bike from 3 seats to 6 seats in just a few minuted by removing 4 bolts

    • Suspended carriage, improving passenger comfort on all terrain while decreasing shock loads to wheels and improving their service life.

    • Super-Duty 64mm wide rims to able to withstand the rigors of 6 passenger loads

    • Super-duty fork designed to carry six passengers and ease steering under heavy loads

    • Triple or quadruple disc brakes with 200mm rotors to stop a heavy bike safely in all conditions.

    • Ergonomic cockpit accommodating operators from 5'0" to 6'6"+

    • Lightest bike in its class

    • Able to be stood up on end by one person (not possible with any other 6 seater sold.

    • Plastic standing sliders to protect lights and rear artwork when stored or transported on rear end.

    • Full differential axle

    • 27 speed 3 x 9 driver-train with SRAM components

    • Choice of handle bars, BMX, Jones or Cruiser, you name it.

    • Fully integrated 12V LED lighting system with headlight, brake light, turn signal, running lights, horn etc.

    • 48v to 12v voltage converter to run lights from a single lithium power source.

    • Canopy mounting hard points standard.

    • Massive storage compartment for the largest batteries and all the gear you can carry.

    • Unique front under bench storage system.  Strap down extra batteries, stereos, clients tents

    • Custom paint colors and upholstery available.

***This bike is fully insurable by Major insurance providers***

Designed to comply with strict regulatory environments.  120" long, 52" wide, 48" tall 3 or 6 passenger seating.  Individual seat belts for each passenger, high armrests, low step in height all make this bike able to work in almost any US market.


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