Replacement BMS - 50 amp

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This 50 amp continuous, 100 amp burst BMS that is an exact replacement for the BMSs in our pedicab batteries.   If you battery should be damaged due to improper wiring or shorting, you may need a new BMS.  If your battery is showing variable voltage, or voltage drops in the matter of a few seconds these are good indications of a BMS fault.  

We have in the recent few batches customized out batteries to make swapping the BMS fairly easy.  The BMS is packaged outside of the cell wrap, but inside the steel case.  This allows replacement just by cutting a couple wires, and butt splicing in the BMS  power leads, and transferring the ribbon cable from the old BMS to the new BMS.   In experienced hands BMS replacement generally takes about 15 minutes.   

Only experienced battery technicians should perform battery repairs.  Not liable for injuries or damage that may result to persons on property.