Cyclone STEEL planetary gears 22 tooth.  - $50

Cyclone STEEL planetary gears 22 tooth. - $50

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Heavy bikes put greater wear and tear on their drive train components.   Six passenger pedicabs pushing 1000 pounds or more with cyclone drive systems in particular are hard on the motor's planetary gears.   Where as 3-seaters often will get +/- 18 months  on a set of nylon planetary gears, if heavily used on a heavy bike, in harsh conditions at high power output levels, for long shifts a set of nylon gears may only last a few weeks or months.

Cyclone motors are fairly noisy.  The steel gear sets are reputed to be even even noisier.  While we have not had much run time with them, the steel gears were measured at 85 decibels,  the nylon gear set was also measured at 85 decibels.  We got this measurement by placing my phone with a DB measuring app in contact with the motor gearbox housing.  About 12 inches away both motors measures approx 76db.   The sound quality is a bit different, but not noticeably louder on a brand new set of gears and motor.  As the gears wear, they may have different noise characteristics.

These steel gear sets are brand new to us and have not been field tested.  We cannot yet attest to their longevity or noise characteristics or what other part of the motor system may become the weak link if these are not able to fail as they had previously.  We are hoping that this will take out one common mode of failure.  Its hard to say what if any thing else might break in their place.  As always, we hope to keep the buyer informed and aware of the risks that they take in using untested parts.  No warranty expressed or implied.

We would love feedback as to how well these work in the field, what kind of noise they make and how long they last or if any other failures have occurred.

Below is a video showing the installation and first run of the the gears along with a noise comparison between nylon and steel gears.