Cyclone Motor 4000W - Only Motor

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This is for the motor Only! 

Motor freewheel sold separately.  

We developed a motor that is incredibly durable and avoids some of the common pitfalls that eventually kill other Cyclone motors at the worst possible time!

Every break down at a big event?  Thousands of dollars can be lost in one day.  If only a hardened motor (and controller) had been installed, it could be avoided. Your pedicab will tend to break down when you are using it the hardest (and earning the most money).  Heavy loads, Fast rides, off road terrain, big hills; all these things can lead to premature motor failure.  

Every motor comes standard with STEEL planetary gears (unless otherwise specified)  Steel gears are LOUDER.  Cyclone motor systems with nylon gears are already fairly loud, so why would you want it to be LOUDER? One word, Durability.  For heavy bikes such as Precision Pedicab six seaters, big San Diego 5 seaters, or Mainstreet Limos they can destroy nylon planetary gears in a few weeks of heavy usage.  Steel gears will last much longer.  (I've yet to hear about a set getting destroyed.)

We replaced the failure prone single big black "waterproof" 9 pin connector. It suffers from the phase pins melting and turning black and stoping to work.  We install field serviceable high amperage color coded Anderson PowerPole 75 phase connectors able to carry 75 amps continuously and more in short bursts.

The hall sensor connectors are replaced with field serviceable JST-SM 7 pin connectors.  While these connectors may not have the best reputation,  with practice and the right tools they are field serviceable.  If a wire gets snagged and pulled out of a pin (video to come) they can be quickly be repaired.  Prectice makes perfect.  Do this ahead of time on some 20g wire to get a feel for using the tools and connectors.  

These motors are rated to carry 4000 watts.  It is extremely rare that they would actually get that kind of power sent to them.  Compared to "3000W" Cyclone motors, the "4000W" motor portion (copper internals) is about twice the size.  This is reflected in the output torque rating of the motor of 130 newton meters verses the 70 newton meters of the 3000w motors.  In practical terms by overrating the motor with a more massive one you have increased its duty cycle.  The bigger motor will stay cooler by being able to soak up more heat before melting down.  While it is not common, I hav seen melted 3000w motors, I have yet to see a melted 4000w motor.   

The controllers on these motors has been upgraded to a far more efficient sine wave type controller.  They consume less power than the previous controller and can deliver more power for the same amount of energy draw.  Previously I had been programming the controllers to 65% output (approx 26 amps) prior to shipping Now I program them to 50% (approx 20 amps) and they still feel more powerful.  With flat terrain and light loads you can even use the "Eco Mode" setting to lower power draw further.  With lower amp draw, batteries will last longer and give you more miles and dollars per charge cycle.   

If this motor is going to be used on a smaller single bench pedicab we can pre-install the quieter nylon planetary gears.  On lighter bikes they can last 12 to 30 months  of regular usage.  In never hurts to have an extra set in your spares kit.