Cyclone Motor kit - Complete motor and mount system

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Patent Pending, Stainless steel construction.

This is a complete bolt on (zero welding needed) system to attach a cyclone motor to pedicabs that use a 2 bolt axle bearing plates and have the rear brake mounted behind the rear axle. (all Classics and most San Diego pedicabs)

This system improves on the existing method of welding a motor cross bar to the pedicab frame below the motor and pedal chain.  By moving the cross bar higher to be directly inline between the motor and axle, the force from the motor chain pulls the motor directly toward the crossbar instead of trying to rotate the motor around a low mounted cross bar.  This makes the motor far more stable, preventing chain loosening and derailing.  Further, because all the parts are precision laser cut and bolted directly to the axle mounts, the motor crossbar will always be precisely located parallel to the axle.  Crossbars welded crooked and or too close to the axle are a common cause of cyclone motor chain derailment.

This motor system solves several problems plaguing cyclone motor systems.  It is designed to be easier, faster, and less expensive to install than having a crossbar welded in place, more stable than having a low mount crossbar, and more precise in the placement of the crossbar.  All of  this leads to a far more reliable system that drops or snaps  the chain far less frequently.

The motor is a Cyclone 4K , 130nm rated motor mated to a Bluetooth (LCD as of 1/2023) adjustable controller outputting 20 to 40 amps capable of using batteries from 36v to 72v.

The complete kit here includes:

- cyclone motor 

- motor cradle set

- bolt on frame mt. plate set

- crossbar and crossbar support clamp

- 38 tooth sprocket

- longer grade 8 bolts & spacers 

- turnbuckle to position motor / adjust chain tension

- spring loaded chain tensioner

- heavy duty chain.

- heavy duty tack welded freewheel

-  Half grip twist throttle with removable security key and voltage display.

- Motor Controller 

- A battery power supply lead with upgraded connectors that resist melting and arcing and are field serviceable with the correct tools.  

* Motor output is adjustable to as low as 720 watts for street usage with correct battery.

* Please specify your battery voltage so that we can match a sprocket to your system to get the highest operating efficiency and safe operating speeds.

*( Discontinued via mfg. as of (12/2022) Bluetooth connected “emotor” app for Apple and Android phones are downloadable below: 



Professional installation recommended as removal of rear axle is required to install motor sprocket. Battery not included.  Battery with 40 amp or greater BMS recommended.