Battery Charger LiFePo4 16S 48v

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Battery charger for Precision Pedicab's 16s Lifepo4 batteries.  

High quality battery charger with fan and metal case.  FCC, CE and RoHS certified.

Output is 5 amps to the battery. Will charger up to 58.4v Designed for LiFePo4 cell chemistry.   Input is switchable between 220v and 110v.  Comes with Anderson 2 pole SB50 connector.  Comes with spare fuses and instruction book.


Use with common sense.  Keep dry,  do not drop, do not puncture, do not short circuit wires, charge battery in location that is dry, well ventilated, and separated from flammable materials.  While we only sell well contained less flammable batteries, always assume that the battery could catch fire while charging.  Uncontained burning batteries shoot out large plumes of toxic fumes, flames and sparks.  Charge batteries well away from any thing that could potentially catch fire.  Ideally charge outside, away from a structure, in a heavy steel container like a large ammo can, BarBQue pit or unused oven.  Do not charge unattended.