51.2v 50ah LiFePo4 pedicab battery in steel case

  • $850.00
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Big bikes need big batteries.  Long days require long run times.  Professional pedicab drivers deserve professional grade products.

Precision pedicab is striving to offer the best price available for a high quality battery and charger packaged in a way that works for pedicabs.  The steel case encloses the battery to protect it from external damage, and meet the charging requirements of the city of Austin.  While is is extremely unlikely for a LiFePo4 to catch fire, the steel case adds an extra layer of protection to better contain a fire and reduce property damage.

The price includes a high quality charger that also meets the city of Austin charging requirements.

While these are not as compact and power dense as some ebike batteries, they are far less likely to catch fire and cause property damage than other lithium chemistries.   LiFePo4 batteries also have much longer service lives than lithium ion batteries, getting up to 2000 charge cycles if treated properly.

With pedicabs, getting long run times, longer service lives and good power delivery at a reasonable price is a winning combination.  These batteries offer a great value for the work we do and the more generous space and weight budgets that pedicabs have.

These batteries have proven to be some of the best available in this amp hour capacity and price range.

Important note: due to hazardous materials shipping restrictions for lithium batteries, no shipping is offered on these batteries.  LOCAL PICK-UP in Austin Texas only.