Cyclone Motor 40 amp Sine Wave BT controller

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Bluetooth (BT) CONTROLLER only

 ***(Discontinued per mfg. update) *** 

Please:  See LCD Controllers on our site!!!  

This is the match to the 4000W hardened Cyclone motor. 

We upgraded the 40 amp bluetooth programable controller with Anderson PowerPole 75 amp phase connectors.  These connectors are able to carry much more power (amps) without melting as compared the the black "Waterproof" 9 pin connector or white translucent molex connectors.  The hall sensor wires are now using a field serviceable JST-SM 7 pin connector.   Uses standard Cyclone three pin throttle / 2 pin power switch and battery cable.

The new controller has been upgraded to a far more efficient sine wave type motor controller.  They consume less power than the previous controller and can deliver more torque.  Previously we had been programming the controllers to 65% output (approx 26 amps) prior to shipping now we program them to 50% (approx 20 amps) and they still feel more powerful.  With flat terrain and light loads you can even use the "Eco Mode" setting to reduce power draw further.  With lower amp draw, batteries will last longer and give you more miles and dollars per charge cycle. 

The controller power output and operating characteristics can be programmed on iPhone or Android Phone. 

To program the controller the following conditions must be met:

  • APP must be installed.
  • Phone bluetooth must be on. 
  • Battery must be plugged in.
  • Power switch must be on. 
  • Pedicab must not be getting any throttle (stationary or coasting)

PASSWORD is 12345678

Get the bluetooth programming Apps here:



We generally recommend setting the controller in the following way:

  • Fast Start - off
  • Soft Start - 1
  • Overspeed - off
  • Auto cruise - off
  • Battery Current Limit - (50% to 75%) depending on terrain
  • Phase Current Limit - (50% to 75%depending on terrain
  • ECO Mode - off or on (if using a light bike on flat terrain)
  • Adj Accelleration Curve - on
  • Boost - off
  • Low Voltage Threshold - 2 to 3 volts higher than your battery's shut off voltage.