Odyssey Cyclone Motor freewheel

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This is a more durable cyclone motor freewheel.  We start with a higher grade, made in Taiwan, Odyssey freewheel   We modify the freewheel with tack welds to prevent the bearings from loosening.  We modify the freewheel / shaft adapter to better fit the freewheel and improve the chain line.  We then lube it with a dry graphite based lube to try to reduce dust build up which can lead to premature wear.

Freewheel is 1/8" wide and 13 tooth.  Requires 6mm key.

Important Note: Despite doing every thing we can to improve the durability of this item, this is still a wear item that one should expect to replace every 3 to 12 months depending various factors like power output, motor chain tightness, rapidness of accelerations, weight of the pedicab, severity of terrain, etc.  Having extras in inventory for field repairs is a good idea.  No warranty is expressed or implied.