51.2v 50ah LiFePo4 pedicab battery in steel case - PRE ORDER

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Update: 9-16-2021:

After a couple of delays we are expecting the Air Transit ($1200) batteries to arrive Tomorrow September 17.  I’ll call customers when they arrive.  

Update: 9-1-2021:

Battery Production is completed and batteries are in motion.  Air Mail Batteries are inbound to customs.  We hope that things go well and they arrive on or around September 10, 2021.  

UPDATE: 8-21-2021: 

No more airmail orders will be accepted.   

UPDATE: 8-16-2021- Production is expected to be completed on or about August 28th

All air mail orders must be in by August 19th 2021.  
No more air mail orders will be accepted after August 19th.  

We expect shipment to leave China some time around Monday August 30th.  Then air transit will usually take around 10 days to travel from China, pass through customs, get on a truck and be delivered to Austin.  Individual orders going directly to different cities are sometimes a little faster than 10 days.  So expect delivery at the address specified on the web site order is on or around September 10, 2021 (for Air mail deliveries.)  

Slow boat deliveries will leave around the same time, but will be going to a port transiting across the surface of the ocean and arriving at a US port.  Current transit time is approx 20 days.  Currently it takes 10-20 days to unload a container ship this could increase as we get closer to the holiday season.  Then there is customs and overland transportation to Austin Texas.  Expected total transit time is approximately 50-60 days.  It may be faster, it may be slower.  Usually it’s on the faster side of things.  That puts the slow boat arrival date at middle to late October 2021.

We placed an order for a total of 45 batteries.  Approximately 8-10 of those will ship via air mail to Austin or other US cities.  The rest will come to Austin via slow boat.  We expect that we will sell out of batteries before they arrive in Austin.  So if you want one, please put in your order soon before they sell out.  We will update this site we we close the sales of this batch of batteries.  

If all goes well with this order we hope to put in another order for Spring 2022 delivery.  This is not guaranteed.  To many unaddressable variables right now to be 100% certain of the next order date.  

UPDATE: 7-28-2021  We are taking pre-orders.

We have 2 delivery options available.

SLOW BOAT, local pick up in Austin, Texas : $900 - Arrival time 60 to 90 days.

DIRECT AIR SHIPMENT TO YOU ADDRESS: $1200 - arrival time 30-40 days.

Why more expensive and so slow? Inflation, because shipping from China via airplane is currently very expensive and the ports in the USA have massive delays unloading boats due to the overwhelming demand of American consumers for imported goods.

In the future we hope to maintain more inventory to enable faster pick up/delivery to customers.    

All measurements are approximate, as size variation can occur in the production process. 

We will also be offering spare BMSs. (Very few have ever required replacement) 


Big bikes need big batteries.  Long days require long run times.  Professional pedicab drivers deserve professional grade products.

Precision pedicab is striving to offer the best price available for a high quality battery and charger packaged in a way that works for pedicabs.  The steel case encloses the battery to protect it from external damage, and meet the charging requirements of the city of Austin.  While is is extremely unlikely for a LiFePo4 to catch fire, the steel case adds an extra layer of protection to better contain a fire and reduce property damage. 

USE CAUTION WHILE CHARGING!!!  KEEP FLAMMABLE MATERIALS AWAY WHILE BATTERY IS CHARGING.  Monitor batteries while Charging.  Educate yourself in safe battery practices that extend your battery life.  

The price includes a high quality charger that also meets the city of Austin charging requirements.

While these are not as compact and power dense as some e-bike batteries, they are far less likely to catch fire and cause property damage than other lithium chemistries.   LiFePo4 batteries also have much longer service lives than lithium ion batteries, getting up to 2000 charge cycles if treated properly.

With pedicabs, getting long run times, longer service lives and good power delivery at a reasonable price is a winning combination.  These batteries offer a great value for the work we do and the more generous space and weight budgets that pedicabs have.

These batteries have proven to be some of the most durable and best available in this amp hour capacity and price range. 

Batteries have a 30 day warranty for material or manufacturing defect.  In that 30 day period we will at our description refund, repair, or replace with a similar battery.  This is handled on a case by case basis depending on circumstances presented.  Warranty does not cover mishandling (dropping), short circuiting (crossing wires), modification, intentional or unintentional misuse.      

Important note: due to hazardous materials shipping restrictions for lithium batteries, once the batteries arrive at the 1710 East second street Austin, Texas 78702 location, we cannot ship them via common carriers such as UPS, USPS, FEDEX etc.  We have been able to transport batteries via LTL freight, U-Ship carriers, traveling pedicabbers etc.  If shipping from the Austin shop is required,  shipping costs will be charged to customer when cost of shipping is determined.