Pedicab Motor Kit


Pedicab motor system built to stand up to long term usage.



Unlike other e-bike motors this is a pedicab specific motor system.  When combined with the correct mounting bracket, and common sense precautions, it is built to stand up to the harsh rigors of daily use with rental fleets, individual owner operators, as well as the rough and tumble life of traveling pedicabbers.  Most mechanical parts are serviceable using common hand tools.

When comparing this pedicab motor system to e-bike conversion kits it is clear why it is superior:

  • Unlike front hub motors this kit allows you to use stronger standard pedicab wheels.  This kit does not make it more difficult to change a flat tire, affect handling,  cause damage to forks, interfere with installing front brakes, and does not allow cables to be damaged due to the motor spinning out in the dropouts.   Should you run out of battery power while out riding this system does not drag or slow down the pedicab or alter its operation in any way.  Front hub motors typically don’t run efficiently at lower pedicab speeds and heavy loads, thus consuming battery power faster and turning it into heat.
  • Unlike fragile mid drive systems, this system does not wear out your drive train prematurely, or get rid of chain ring sprockets you need to climb hills or force you to alter how you shift to prevent damage you drive train.
  • This system drives a second sprocket attached to the pedicab axle.  By keeping the motor drive train separate from the pedal drive train wear and tear is significantly reduced on the pedal drive train.
  • Unlike front hubs and mid drives this motor systems is out of site, and well protected from the elements by the pedicab body work.
  • The motor can be quickly and easily removed with simple tools by loosening a few bolts, disconnecting two electrical cables and the motor chain.

We designed and built this motor system to address the weaknesses and inherent problems that arise when using e-bike conversion kits on a pedicab.  We built it to give maximum serviceability and flexibility.  It can be customized to match your requirements.  Six passenger pedicabs any one?  Contact us to ask your questions.

Kit comes with motor, controller, throttle, and battery cable.


This motor is the one that we have used on all of our pedicabs for the last 3+ years.  It has been recently improved and updated.  It now runs significantly quieter and some what more efficiently than before.  It has been thoroughly tested in the harshest of environments.

Due to it’s larger size, the motor itself is rated to withstand significantly more power than it is usually sent.  This larger size is advantageous as it provides more torque for any given volts or amps supplied.  It also allows the motor to absorb more heat than a smaller motor would before sustaining damage.

It has a built in gear reduction that increases torque while slowing the motor output speed to a usable RPM range.  The final gearing can be adjusted by choosing differential sprockets to match your battery’s voltage and wheel size.  We recommend 36 volt batteries.  Typically for 36v batteries a 30 tooth sprocket is used.  For 48V batteries a 38 tooth sprocket is recommended.  These allow for a recommended top speed of approximately 15 mph.

While a larger differential sprocket will slow the cab’s motor propelled top speed, it will also increase it’s hill climbing ability.  The differential sprocket is included with the motor mount kit.  Please ask us to help you match the gearing to your application.


To keep the motor USA street legal it’s power output is set at the factory to 20 amps or approximately 720 watts when used with a 36 volt battery.   Power output is set using the included Bluetooth programmable motor controller.  End user programming is easy with the Android or iOS smart phone apps.  If used off road, the power output can be adjusted up to 40 amps with the included controller.

Keeping the amperage low will make a battery last longer.  Increasing amps will make acceleration and hill climbing ability stronger, and shorten battery run times.  Many other parameters are adjustable to increase battery life or power output as desired.  The smart phone app also has a dashboard display to show real-time battery voltage, battery amps, approximate speed etc.

Increasing the amps or making other adjustments may cause your pedicab to be illegal for on-road usage due to excessive motor wattage.  (Depending on local, state or federal laws that may apply).

A 20 amp non-programmable controller is also available.


The standard included half-twist, right-side throttle comes with a on/off key and voltage display that allows the operator to monitor the batteries approximate state of charge.  This throttle is some what bulky and can interfere with some shifter and brake lever configurations.  (Not recommended for use with twist shifters, best with thumb shifters.)  It can also be mounted on the left handlebar if needed.

An optional slim full grip half-twist or thumb throttle without a voltage display can be provided that more easily integrates with standard pedicab controls.  Please specify which throttle is desired.

These throttles are NOT WATERPROOF.  Protect them from rain.  Always seal throttle in a plastic bag if open transporting pedicab in wet conditions.

Also included is an extra long battery cable with an Anderson SB50 connector.

Note on Batteries:

Batteries are not included.  We recommend purchasing 36 volt Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries with a 50 amp BMS output,  20Ah or larger in capacity.  Electric Rider has been a great source for these.  Larger capacity batteries will have a longer run time.  Battery run time will vary depending on battery size, controller settings, terrain the pedicab is operated on and what portion of total propulsion is provided the peddler.

Almost any battery (lead acid, lithium, etc) between 36V and 72V will work with this motor system.  Batteries with a 50 amp BMS are recommended, but not required if motor controller is adjusted accordingly.

Higher voltage batteries will cause the pedicab to have a higher top speed and wattage output.  Batteries exceeding 36 volts may make the pedicab illegal for on-road usage due to excessive top speed and / or motor wattage.

Purchaser takes full responsibility for configuring and installing the battery and motor system correctly and safely to comply with local, state and federal laws.

Note on waterproofing:

While the manufacturer of these motors and controllers try to make them as waterproof as possible, no device is completely impervious to water.  For example, driving with these mounted on a pedicab on an open trailer through a rain storm is very likely to damage them.  Please bag and seal motor, controller, and throttle to protect them from water incursion.  Not designed for use while raining or other wet conditions.

More information using e-bikes in the rain can be found here:

Note on Brakes:

Any time you add more power to a vehicle you must make sure the brakes are more than strong enough to stop the fully loaded vehicle in a quick and controlled fashion.  Make sure the brake pads, rotors and or rims are clean, in good condition, and not contaminated with oil, grit, etc.  Upgrading the front brakes to an 8″ disc and high performance disc brake caliper is recommended.

Purchaser is responsible for building, configuring and matching braking system to the operating conditions, speeds, terrain, passenger load weight, or any other factor that would affect safe operations.


We offer a 30 day warranty on the motor and controller.  Mail it back to us and we will inspect the system for a full or partial repair or replacement at our discretion.  Depending on our observations and decisions we may charge for the repair.  Water damage is not covered by the warranty.  Damage to the cables and connectors is not covered by warranty.  Damage caused by excessive voltage or amperage is not covered by warranty.  Intentional or accidental misuse or abuse is not covered by warranty.  Throttles are 100% not covered by warranty.  Motor kits are fully tested before shipment to ensure functionality.

Replacement Parts:

We try to stock a full set replacement parts available to be purchased separately and mailed to the user.  Motors kits are also serviceable by us in Austin, Texas.

As making money as a pedicabber requires you to have your equipment working properly when the business is busiest, we recommend that the purchaser of this motor system keep spare parts on hand.  Recommended spare parts kit includes motor freewheel, throttle, motor controller and motor chain.  Optional “advanced” parts include motor reduction gears, and hall sensor.

Please order the required mounting bracket to mate this motor to your pedicab.  This motor kit will not install without a mounting bracket.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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