Building a new website, new identity, and new products

Precision Pedicab has been in “Stealth Mode” for a long time.  We have spent the last 7 years refining our craft, developing and building new products,  building jigs, equipping our production facility, testing a complete production run of pedicabs, learning form our mistakes and overall coming up with a solid product line that we have pride and confidence in.  We are now moving out of stealth mode in to production mode.

You may have seen some of our prototypes and first internal production run of pedicabs locally in Austin, Texas.  We have also sent them to be used on the “pedicab festival circuit”.  This has been an incredible testing grounds for us.  No one is harder on their equipment that traveling pedicabbers.  We have discovered problems and solved them.  We have crafted a product to meet the needs of out customers, as well as uphold our standards.  To date we have sold few pedicabs outside of our close circle of friends.  We are now ready to start serial production and sale to the general public with a product line of 3 and 6 passenger pedicabs and motor systems for other pedicab manufactures bikes.

Our first product is a motor system that allows the install a powerful, high torque,  relatively low speed (~15mph) “Precision Pedicab” type motor onto the most common pedicabs used in the USA.   It is steathfully mounted under the floorboard.    It comes with an adjustable motor controller set from the factory to 750 watts when used with the recommended 36 volt battery.  We have mounting options for the most common American made pedicabs with round and square tubes, clones of these bikes, as well as “Tipke”, Precision, English made, Chinese made English clones.  Feel free to call or email  and ask about installing a motor system on your bike.  If you are in the Austin, Texas area we offer installation services.

Our second product will be a longer wheelbase six passenger pedicab with two 48″ wide restaurant booth style seating (minus the table).  The pedicab will be 119 inches or so to comply with some local ordinances that stipulate a maximum length of 120 inches.   We expect to have the prototype finished by early February with a small production run to start directly there after.

Our third product will be a three+ seater pedicab with a single 48″ wide bench and a shorter chassis to match.

Expect more information on these in the near future.

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  1. Skye Mitchell says:

    Are your motor kits going to be available soon?


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